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How does it feel to be tased, and is it possible to fight through it?

Neither of us have ever been tazed, nor do we have any plans to be tazed. If you need to know how it feels, ask a cop. Not, to taze you, but, in the US, most police need to be on the receiving end of any less than lethal device they carry, including pepper spray and tazers. So, they’d know what it feels like.

Before you ask, pepper spray burns like crazy and gets lodged in your hair, so you’ll get another blast of it every time you shower for the next week, according to a cop I used to know.

Anyway, you can’t fight through a tazing. Your nervous system works by sending electrical signals from your brain to your body and back. Tazing works by administering a massive electrical shock to your body. When you’re being tazed, it’s literally impossible to get your body to do anything beyond convulsing. That’s what the nerves are telling your muscles to do, and your brain can’t interfere.