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Given that you’d have to inflict serious damage to the CNS to achieve decisive incapacitation (assuming the person doesn’t stop attacking you, for fear of their life, the second they get badly injured) by bashing someone’s skull in, I feel like saying choking someone into unconsciousness is “not any safer than pounding their skull into a wall until they stop twitching” might be pretty hyperbolic. I get the point you’re making, but it seems like you might be over-reaching with this comparison.

Sorry, this ended up in the drafts pile before the holidays and got lost. It’s in reference to this post. Which is in turn a follow up to this post.

It’s mild hyperbole. Strictly speaking, pounding the skull into the wall until they stop twitching would probably mean completely dead.

Blood chokes, that work to cut off the flow of blood to the brain instead of restricting the victim’s breathing are incredibly dangerous, to the point that brain damage or death are likely, to not completely guaranteed. So, without any hyperbole, it would be more accurate to say, “these are both very dangerous and can result in death.”

It also gets into the entire discussion about human beings as a whole. We are remarkably easy to break, but hard to kill. There are mountains of medical cases where someone suffered what should have been a fatal injury, only to survive. Grievous head wounds are an example of that.


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