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could you write something on kidnapping for information?

If you haven’t yet, I’d start here, and follow with this.

We never got into actually talking about grabbing someone for information, but the basic idea is still the same. Your kidnappers need to go through all the steps necessary to grab someone, but they don’t need to worry about ever releasing or ransoming the victim. The other difference is the victim is the most important part of the equation (for the kidnappers), unlike in a conventional kidnapping for money, where they’re just a bargaining chip.

They’ll also need a way to break the victim. The simplest answer, “grab a crowbar and go to town” doesn’t actually work. Torture isn’t a means to obtain information. So, as I said in the interrogation answer, this is going to be about talking the character around.

Also, it’s worth pointing out that Sodium Pentothol does exist. But, it’s just a barbiturate, not truth serum. So while it will sedate someone, and make them easier to hold and transport, it won’t actually make them spill their guts. Also, in larger doses, it’s used in lethal injections. So, that fine line between stoned off their ass and dead, is an issue.