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i wish you guys were around more often responding to asks. i’ve sent two and haven’t seen any reply yet. do you guys have busy lives? i don’t mean to offend.

Well, you haven’t offended, so there’s that. We answer about half our incoming asks. That’s including asks that aren’t actually questions (fan mail and hate mail, for example), asks that actually can’t be answered, because there isn’t enough information, because the question itself is incomprehensible, or rare cases where the ask is actually a follow up to an answer we already provided that proclaims, “no, you just don’t understand my genius, it surpasses logic.” The handful that fall into that last category probably count as hate mail… but, anyway.

There’s also, roughly, a dozen questions sitting in the in box that I could swear we actually answered. Some of those are probably actually glitches where we did post but the ask remained in the inbox, and at least one question (about zombies from last year) got eaten when Michi was trying to post the answer.

Beyond that, Michi is currently working on a first draft for a novel, and she’s currently chewing through a very dense patch. Which is part of why she hasn’t been posting lately.

I’ve been doing another pass on the novel we’ve been querying, and another revision of the query letter. On top of that, we’re both recovering from a cold that knocked us out for a couple weeks.

So, yeah, we do actually have our hands a little full at the moment.