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Can you do an article on 1 vrs group fights. and the techniques people use and how to actually win them. So far all I hear is that I master can with great difficulty fight off a group but nothing on how. I feel this is an area that there is very little info about.

You’re in luck…

Also, no guarantee these are in the correct order. I’ve been using google to hunt them up, so it’s been a little scatter shot, and I might have missed something.

Fight Scene Strategies: The Individual Versus Group

There was also this ask chain… Which resulted in a lot of information over a couple days.

April 5th (Initial Question)

April 5th (Followup – Tactical Mindset)

April 6th (Followup – Excessive Force, Psychological Warfare, and Combat Nietzsche)

I referenced The Only Unfair Fight is the One You Lose articles here, you can follow the tag, or find Part 1 here, and Part 2 here.

Someone in the comments for one of those suggested looking at Skyrim and Dragon Age: Origins for insights into fighting groups, which is actually a terrible suggestion. I love both games in their own way, however they’re anything but realistic.

For Skyrim, it’s important to remember that the player character is explicitly a superhero. You see this most with the shout mechanic, but there are a ton of minor points scattered through the game where someone who’s familiar with the setting will realize magic just doesn’t affect the player character properly. As a fantasy superhero simulator it’s entertaining enough, but, as I said, it’s not a realistic depiction of combat.

As much as Bioware wants it to be an RPG, Dragon Age: Origins is a strategy game. I have a lot of nitpicks on inconsistencies in the setting (without including DA2), but even as much as they tweaked it from Neverwinter Nights, the combat is still a turn based strategy game playing out in real time. Or, in other words, not how combat works.

A little off topic, but there was an unrelated ask about angry mobs from December here.


Where and how would be the safest places to take a sword cut? (It doesnt have to be that deep but where would be the safest places so as to be able to keep fighting?)

There isn’t one. With knives you can “safely” take a couple strikes to some areas of the forearm, but, that doesn’t hold up for a sword. So the safest place to take a sword strike is anywhere you’re not standing. Failing that, taking a blow to the shield, or to heavy armor, or parrying with your own weapon is about as good as it gets. Taking a sword strike to exposed tissue is almost always going to run the risk of a crippling, or lethal injury. You can get lucky, and suffer a superficial injury nearly anywhere, but it will never be “safe.”


How and what does leather protect against?

If we’re just talking about a leather jacket, then mostly minor cuts and scrapes. The lining provides a little protection from impacts, it won’t save you from a baseball bat, but it does make blocking unarmed strikes a lot less unpleasant.

Some motorcycle gear has fiberglass plates, this stuff will take a baseball bat, tire-iron, or hitting the pavement at low speeds. It’s not fun, but it will save a lot of damage. I don’t think the fiberglass will protect against being stabbed, and (probably) won’t do anything about a gunshot. That said, fiberglass was the basis of some early flack vests, and some motorcycle gear is reinforced with kevlar so, your character could get lucky.

If you’re talking about historically, leather armor is a little different. Leather would be boiled in water, and then formed into the desired shape before it hardened. Once hardened, it would function as a low quality slab of stuff between you and anyone trying to kill you, or a substitute for scale. So, again, impacts, cuts, scrapes, and minor penetration. But, I’m not sure how well it would hold up against someone trying to stab through it, (that probably depends on how thick the slabs of leather are, and what’s trying to run through them.)