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What’s the most painful part of the hand to stick a nail/other sharp object? How long would it take to heal if, say, a 1 1/2 inch nail was driven through that part? What would be the permanent results?

Judging from personal experience? I’m going to have to say under the fingernail into the nail bed. If you’ve never experienced someone having to cut away part of a nail because of an infection, consider yourself blessed because holy shit that hurts.

Without seriously mutilating the nail bed in the process it should fully heal within a couple weeks, baring infection or something else, though damage to the nail itself can last for a couple months while the nail slowly pushes the damaged part off the end, like a passive aggressive cat claiming the dining room table.

I’ll be honest, I don’t even know what trigger warnings to put on this, since “tw ohgodwhywouldyoudothat!?” doesn’t seem to be a thing. So, preemptive apologies for the rest of you that didn’t want to think about this.