The Rate of Gun Ownership Among Deer is Startlingly Low

How much does hunting resemble fighting in a real battle/duelling/etc?

Movies about noble people makes it look like it’s just a sport that doesn’t tie into real life fighting, but real people I know (tho mostly macho men) that go hunting treat it like it’s a manly man thing to do, only one step away from going to war.

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So, this may come as a shock, but the number of deer who shoot back at hunters is shockingly low. So, that’s a significant difference.

Hunting skills can be repurposed to track and execute other humans. It’s not analogous to duels or battles, but you can hunt people. Some of the skills can be repurposed. Precision shooting, stealth, and tracking are all useful. However, humans are much more likely to turn on you, and and lay effective traps or ambushes.

Under normal circumstances, hunting is inherently an asymmetrical activity. The hunter enjoys almost insurmountable advantages over their prey (when they’re not hunting sapient beings.) That doesn’t mean it’s, “safe.” Deer in particular, can be quite dangerous, if sufficiently provoked. Of course, hunting predators (like bears or wolves) comes with the inherent danger, of the animal deciding to hunting the hunter.

So, of course, you end up with the guys using high power rifles to hunt an animal at long range. At that point, the macho element is just cultural norms, and it’s entirely possible that someone (particularly an individual who is somewhat insecure in their masculinity) would attempt to associate it with other stereotypically masculine behaviors. Like going to war, or mistaking Coors and Budweiser for beer. Using those behaviors as affirmation that, yes, they can open every jar in the fridge. Though, why they may view asserting dominance over a jar of pickles as proof of their masculinity is an enigma.

Also, some people like to go out in the woods and get lost for a few days, or weeks. It’s weird. I had my fill of sleeping on the ground when I was a teenager. At that point, some of it is just the trappings of the activity that gets you out of the house and away from the rest of the human race. Hunting and fishing are good excuses for that, especially if you think, “hiking,” sounds like, “mobile mosquito feeder.”


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