The Vigilante and the Seeing Eye Accomplice

I was wondering if it’d be realistic for a Blind Vigilante to be told what to do during a fight (with knowledge the Blind Person had the skills and training to fight) in order to be successful? Kinda like someone over on a building watching the fight go down, and the person giving directions on what to do. Is that something possible? Or are/is there other approaches to what can be done?


The problem with hand to hand combat is that it occurs at speeds where it’s difficult to visually process what is happening. Being slow to process that information will likely result in serious injury or death.

So. Your vigilante’s support needs to be able to see something, process that visual information, send the results of that around the brain until they find the words, then vocalize those words. Your vigilante needs to hear the information clearly. They need to process that information, and operationalize it. Then they need to react, and all of this has to happen faster than the crowbar that just shattered their arm was moving.

This is assuming the support can even see something in the first place. It’s very easy for character to pull a knife with minimal noise and shank your vigilante with the support never even seeing it, because the angle was bad, or the blade simply didn’t catch the light. This is before we get into the subject of firearms.

There’s a real problem with this setup, where your character is waiting for spoken commands. Even under the best circumstances, no language is built, primarily, around combat, and the time it takes to speak the words to communicate the information, is enough to end the fight.

It’s one thing when you have a vigilante superhero who can fake their way around their blindness. However, having someone talk your character through a fight, even under the best of circumstances, is not realistic.


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