This is about the recent asks about martial artists fighting off groups. There is a VAST WORLD of difference between sparring and fighting for your life/the life of others. For one, when you’re sparring, you don’t have the intention to murder your opponent, and your opponent doesn’t have killing intent either. Going up against someone with killing intent is EXTREMELY intimidating, and odds are, if you’ve never fought someone like that before, you WILL freeze. (cont.)

(cont.) The moment you freeze, the fight is pretty much over. It only takes one good hit to down you, and if there’s multiple people out for blood, you will get hit, you will go down, and you will NOT be getting back up. There’s really no training that will ever get you ready for actual “these people are out to kill me” situations, and even those with experience will only fight enough to break away and run (or make them run), because running generally provides the best chance for surviving.
From Nonnie, to you all with love.