‘Tis the Season to be Talking

First, I again want to officially thank everyone who have become Patrons for How to Fight Write. We’re currently a ¼ of the way to our first goal, which is pretty amazing.

So some business.

For those of you who have contributed $5 and above, we’ll be doing our first ever open chat through Google Hangouts this month. After Christmas to avoid scheduling conflicts for us and you. Some time during the twelve days.

Starke and I will be in the land of “No Internet” aka my grandmother’s house, so our access will be limited. We’ll try to get the que set before we go, so you’ll still be getting some content.

I hope you’ve all been enjoying the fight scenes. There are a bunch more in the works for each month, and depending on how quickly I can churn those out we may raise the number. It’ll be really fun to experiment with other kinds of fight scenes both the realistic and the crazier, more fantasy or sci-fi types.

We’ll be doing most of the announcements through Patreon, but we’ll also let you know here when a new fight scene goes up or when we’ll be having our Hangout.

So, for those of you who will be joining us, try to keep in mind what times and dates might be good for scheduling. With different timezones, school, and work to account for, we want to find one that’s best for most of you.

Thanks again!

-Starke and Michi

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