Death Threats

Well, Christmas has come early this year. We have an actual, fake, death threat.

I’m going to throw a TL;DR in the front of this. Usually, I’ll just type something snarky in these, like, “go back and actually read it,” but in this case: TL;DR: don’t make death threats on Tumblr. Or any social media, for that matter. Don’t make them in general, because it is illegal. But, the anonymity on social media is illusory. Just because I can’t see who wrote it, does not mean you’re magically invisible to the world. I say this as someone who has administered forums before; staff can see a lot of data you, as a user, don’t have access to. Using these venues for this kind of content is phenomenally stupid.

If you’re wondering why I’m not taking this seriously, there’s a few reasons. One: I know who wrote it, and yes, all five of those posts are from the same person. Two: No one cares about superheroes. Three: It’s less intimidating than the very bouncy dog that lives above us, because unlike the author, that dog both knows where we live, and could (theoretically) cause us harm. Finally: If someone were to decide to do horrific and unspeakable things to us, the original messages would give the police an immediate place to start searching.

So, let’s unpack how to actually make a death threat, if you ever need to create one for your writing. Because, if you’re going to do something, let’s do it properly.

Hilariously, the first cue that this is all from the same person is that their writing is terrible. I mean their actual writing, but also this. The thing about writing is, it’s actually substantially harder to identify the author when it’s in the median. Proper punctuation, grammar, and capitalization go a long way towards masking who you are. Word choice will betray you, and even within the US there are substantial dialect changes, depending on where you are in the country, which can give away who (and where) you are.

For example: if the sentence, “The Hamburger’s all,” makes sense to you without further context, you’re probably in Pennsylvania, or somewhere thereabouts. Or, if you refer to an ATM as a Cash Station, there’s a pretty good chance you’re somewhere in the Chicago sprawl. Though, if they weren’t trying to write like someone who was just paroled from 4chan, it might be more apparent. Seriously, there’s thousands of these little tells in regional dialects, and they’re worth learning about, if only for your writing.

As it stands, it does tell me the second post (reading from the bottom up, because Tumblr’s like that), was typed in on their mobile phone. Autocorrect will “fickle sick” you every time. So they were bouncing around between multiple devices, while typing. At that point, I do have to give her a little credit, because that’s a lot of effort to go through while still hiding behind an anonymous label.

If I was an asshole, I’d probably say something about how the anon icon is a weak attempt to look cooler than they actually are, with those dated Ray Bans, so I will. I mean, this is a death threat, so a little fun is in order.

At this point, I should probably also rabbit track and remind her that “your” is the possessive. “You’re,” is the contraction of, “you are.” As a writer, it’s one of those little annoyances you need to keep in mind at all times, especially if you want to be a professional some day. To be fair, this could be autocorrect striking again. Though, I can’t remember “talking about kill yourself,” so maybe more punctuation was in order. Also, turns out, due to the amount of coffee I consume, I’m immortal. So, there’s that.

The second thing is, no one cares about superheroes, especially not the author of the death threat. Now, before you try to correct me, I don’t mean individual characters. We all have our affectionate loyalty to various characters. But, no one cares about them as an aggregate. It’s easy to find someone who will get pissed off because you badmouthed Batman, or Spiderman. It’s a lot harder to find someone who’s really pissed because you made a crack at Nightman, or Raver.

Everyone’s got a few superheroes they despise. Sometimes it’s going to be big controversial picks, like Wolverine, or Superman. Sometimes it’ll be safer picks like third tier X-Men. Sometimes it will be the truly bizarre, like Dogwelder. Sometimes it’ll be characters you’re really not supposed to like, such as Elite, The Holy, and Mr. Payback. Everyone’s got a few superheroes where you step back and go, “nope, not that one.”

So when I say, “no one cares about superheroes,” what I mean is, the death threat lacks specificity. This is actually a problem for a lot of writers. Always be specific when you’re writing. If you’re talking about a dog, talk about the dog, not the idea of a dog, out there somewhere, but this one. If you’re talking about a death threat, make it an actual goddamn threat. It helps ground the reader into the world you’re creating. Even when that world is just an idle threat to, “do stuff,” to someone you’ve never met.

A real death threat is going to be specific. It’s not, “how dare you impugn the concept of the superhero,” it’s, “you said untoward things about this character I am emotionally invested in to a profoundly unsound degree, prepare to die.” If it was the former, then you’d need to line Alan Moore, Garth Ennis, Warren Ellis, Frank Herbert (necromancy may be necessary for this), and (possibly) Grant Morrison up against the wall ahead of us.

We occasionally get questions about how to threaten and intimidate characters, so let’s bring that topic up again. For a threat to work, it needs to be credible. You need to articulate actions your intended victim believes you’re capable of. I’d say, “actions you can actually do,” but there’s a little bit of wiggle room here. The threat also needs to create an image in the victim’s mind. This is, really, like any writing; if you’re not conveying an idea coherently, you need to start over and redraft it. To be fair, this is a problem the author struggles with, so I’m inclined to cut her some slack.

She wishes she could find us, because… you know our real names aren’t hidden, right? I mean, we post under pseudonyms here, but our actual names have been published on the site, and on our Patreon page. And, our mailing address is available online, as a result. Again, the purpose is to instigate fear, but, because the author didn’t do any research, it really misses the mark.

Doesn’t matter if it’s a novel or a death threat, you need to do your research. Learn what you can on the subject. You need to keep your audience engaged with the material. When it becomes blindingly apparent that you haven’t done the research, and the facts don’t mesh with reality, the suspension of disbelief breaks. Your audience has disconnected from the piece, and the best you can hope for is that they sit back and riff the hell out of what follows.

The second part, actually fails research. I’ve talked about taking people’s eyes out with your thumbs, and been in a situation where I seriously considered doing that for about half a second. We talk about horrific, disfiguring, injuries on a weekly basis. You only need to dig up the Starke Is Not a Real Doctor and The Only Unfair Fight tags, if you want to see discussions on this kind of material. So backing out and saying, “the most painful way possible,” is making threats you can’t deliver on, and failing to do the research.

The fact that I’m sitting here, trying to remember if I’ve done a post on pouring molten metal into wounds, should speak volumes about where someone would need to go to actually deliver on the, “most painful,” phrase.

Now, if you’re coming to something like this, and setting concrete goals, like, “I’m going to take your eyes out with a rusty grapefruit spoon, hope you’ve had your tetanus shots,” that’s a much more realistic goal, and a more credible threat. (Also, tetanus shots are their own flavor of torture, so that’s a perk.) It’s something you can actually do. Threats can be vague, like, “no, Mr. Bond, I have other plans for you.” But, a threat needs to be coherent, articulatable, and plausible.

I mean, sticking someone in an industrial microwave is a pretty painful way to die, but it requires that, you know, you have access to an industrial microwave.

Finally, if you read the TL;DR at the beginning, this should be familiar information, but don’t make death threats, especially not on social media. It’s profoundly stupid. Criminals, it should be noted, aren’t usually known for their intellectual prowess, but this is dumb. Florida Man dumb.

Social media isn’t like the US Postal system, or calling from a payphone. It is, absolutely traceable. There’s a very simple reason for this, if you could get true anonymity from the platform, it would rapidly find itself under scrutiny by law enforcement agencies like the DEA. You may wonder why, but the answer should be self evident. There are many people out there who make their living breaking the law. Just like you or me, the internet is a major boon for them. A truly secure and untraceable communications network buried on an easily accessible, and overtly legitimate site? Yeah, that would be way too good to pass up.

Now, the anon tag will conceal who sent the message from the recipient. At least it would, if the author’s writing style wasn’t instantly recognizable. That’s the point. It will not, however, shield your identity from law enforcement agencies.

At this point, it’s probably worth it to bring up a very brief discussion on The First Amendment. If you’re in the US, you’re probably vaguely aware of this. This is usually abbreviated as “Freedom of Speech,” and that’s accurate so far as it goes. But, what it really means is freedom from government retaliation over speech. It does not protect you from private response. To borrow a phrase, invoking the First Amendment is simply stating that whatever you said was not so incredibly stupid as to actually be illegal. It’s not a shield from criticism.

So, why am I bringing this up? Because it is also not absolute. There are exempted types of speech which do not enjoy First Amendment protections. You can dig the full list up online, if you really want, but one of the excluded groups is credible threats. If, the author had said, “I will find you, torture, and kill you,” well… actually, first I’d complement them finally finding their comma, but that could be construed as an actual threat. As a result, they could actually face criminal charges over it.

Historically, law enforcement has been pretty lax on these kinds of threats. However, it’s entirely possible that could change at any moment. Especially with increased attention on cyberstalking, online harassment, and internet bullying making the evening news. So, when I say, “don’t do this, it is illegal,” part of the reason is, you don’t want to be the poster child for a crackdown on internet threats.

If you’ve been the subject to this kind of behavior in the past, here’s the good news. You’re actually safer from your anonymous harassers than if they simply acted without warning. The reasoning is above. They said what they would do, before following through, and (figuratively) signed their name to it ahead of time. Any investigation of a physical attack against you will lead back to your harassers.

You can also avail yourself of the cyberbullying help organizations that have been getting press in recent years. You should also probably read this list. (And, yes, I am breaking the first couple rules at the bottom.) Granted, that list assumes the bullying is happening in a school environment, but things like site terms of service do still apply, after you’ve escaped into the real world. If you’re someone who sees a post like those pop up in your inbox, report them. Click the ellipsis next to the pencil icon and select “Report.”

Yes, people can and do use sockpuppet accounts, so blocking won’t always work. But, always remember, anonymous strangers on the internet only have the power you give them. Someone posts hateful, hurtful shit, directed at you personally; don’t try to understand, don’t make sense of it, just feed it to a grue, and find people that are supportive. They’re out there. Alternately: “If you’re getting death threats, you must be doing something right.”

Finally, if you ever want to be a professional writer, don’t stoop to this shit, seriously. This is the kind of thing that can come back, without warning, when someone with an axe to grind and access to old information wanders in and turns it into a huge mess.


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13-year-old Tyree King shot and killed by Ohio police

A Columbus, Ohio, police officer shot and killed a 13-year-old boy, identified as Tyree King. The officer was attempting to detain King on Wednesday night in connection to a robbery, according to NBC News.

Police said in a statement that King “pulled a gun from his waistband” as officers approached him. After the fatal shooting, police recovered a BB gun from the scene, NBC reported. King was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital at 8:22 p.m. Eastern. This is a developing story.

Update: Officials in Columbus, Ohio, on Thursday identified Bryan Mason as the police officer who shot 13-year-old Tyree King. The black teen was allegedly armed with a toy gun.

Mason is a nine-year veteran of the Columbus Division of Police, the chief announced during a press conference Thursday morning. For the latest updates on Tyree King.

No one is ‘armed’ with a toy gun.

False. The reason toy guns come equipped with an orange safety ring is because of a series of “suicide by cop” incidents in the early to mid 90s involving cap guns and other toys. Removing the safety ring is a misdemeanor crime. Brandishing, or threatening, someone with that gun is a felony because a reasonable person expects it to be a real firearm.

It was real enough for him to complete an armed robbery at gunpoint just before he was shot. He was shot when the weapon came out of his waistband.

Open or concealed, adult or permitted CC, doesn’t allow you to brandish a weapon. Especially not at a cop attempting to arrest you for armed robbery.

Sad that his parents suck. Had they been good parents he wouldn’t have been robbing people at gunpoint. He would’ve been at home doing homework. They’re as responsible for his death as he is.

Bryan Mason has zero responsibility for his death.

Oy, what is this nonsense? I don’t interact w white folks who don’t get that an innocent child was killed as usual by cops? Bye now.

Woah woah woah, you’re just going to ignore the fact that it looked like a totally legitimate gun, drawn on the police, and they had no right to shoot? Dude, they fucking had no idea it was a toy, the cop thought his life was being threatened by a kid. This is literally the only legitimate news story of a whitey cop shooting a black kid that has no trace of racism. This is the only news story so far where the cop was doing his job and acted rationally. Just because he was a kid means he shouldn’t be shot after threatening a person’s life? That what you’re saying? What kinda fuckery

Just let it go bro. I learned a long time ago to just continue scrolling past these kinds of posts. You can’t talk common sense to people that lack it.

I suppose I should have just ignored this one. Thanks, dude. Lost my cool.

I’ll shoot you a little knowledge.  I’m 38 years old, and when I was in high school (92-96) I used to hang out in the streets.  Back then, shit was wild.  Gang bangin’ was at it’s peak.  So I’ve been there.  I know what it’s like, what Flint, Michigan was like back in the day.  It was wild. 

So when the whole Mike Brown thing happened, I knew it was 100% complete bullshit.  This dude was a street cat.  He was a Vice Lord, and if you know anything about gangs, the Vice Lords and the Bloods were always the most vicious gangs, because they weren’t as popular as the Crips or the GD’s.  Most of the fakes and wanna-be’s claimed GD or Crip. 

Seeing all these news stories and posts about how Mike Brown was this innocent “gentle giant” irked the fuck out of me, so I started doing some serious digging into his shooting.  And lo and behold, I ended up finding a video on youtube, it was taken by someone right after the shooting, basically just someone recording his body laying in the street with a white sheet over it.  But about half way through the video, you could hear someone talking in the back ground describing what happened when he got shot. 

Basically, dude was saying that the police told him to stop walking away, but instead of stopping, Mike Brown turned and started to charge at the officer.  And that’s why he got shot.  The whole, “hands up don’t shoot,” movement is a complete lie.  Even his friend that was with him later admitted that it was a lie.  But the headlines were already made, and the people had already started this movement. 

It’s crazy as fuck how ignorant and stupid people really are.  But it’s the sheep mentality that keeps movements like this alive.  As much as I’ve dug up, so far the only murder I’ve found so far that was completely without merit, was the Eric Garner case in New York. 

Even so, all these movements are superficial.  They don’t get to the root of the real problem, which is the violence in the streets.  From January 1st of 2016 to August 8th, 516 people have been murdered in the streets of Chicago.  But there isn’t any black lives matter protesters walking though the West Side, or the South Side of Chicago protesting against black on black violence.  You know why?  Because they don’t really understand what is going on in these streets.  They have no idea how dangerous some of these neighborhoods that these police go into really are. 

All these black lives matter supporters are fake.  All it is to them is a way to make themselves feel better about themselves.  They don’t really give a fuck about black lives, if they did, they’d start at the root of the problem, not just try to trim back a couple of branches and think that will kill the tree. 

Anyhoo… carry on with your shitposting my Tumblr buddy.

Carry on.

Jeeezus long but on point

When you remember why you don’t run a gore blog or have many friends in the gore community any more because posting gore isn’t edgy enough for them and they have to be entirely ignorant too. But I mean okay. ?

I know stuff, and I’ll tell you this was a completely justified shooting anywhere on the planet earth

Just proved my point. Y’all think you know everything. You don’t. Sit down. ?? Just take your L. It’s okay to be wrong. Fuck.

Not wrong. I kinda do this for a living. But feel free to tell me what I’m missing. I’d love a debate on this

Do what for a living? Argue with people online? Cause it literally looks like you went through the notes on this post and replied to everyone you disagreed with. Pathetic. Im not going to entertain you, you sound like you enjoy being ignorant and from the looks of it you’re a lost cause, you can no longer be helped so no thank you. I don’t enjoy arguing with entitled white strangers. ?

Honestly everyone who tries to justify the murder of children need to just shut the fuck up
Like even if they were in a gang or robbing stores, those crimes don’t warrant the death penalty, so why do cops think they have the right to shoot to kill?
This is a fucking 13 YEAR OLD CHILD we are talking about. Stop trying to justify murder.

It’s not the crime he committed that got him shot. It’s pulling it when he ran from the cops. I’ve been a federal agent for longer than you or afroputa have been alive. I teach use of force, including deadly force. This is my profession

You and afroputa are arguing your feelings. You have no idea what the standard of lethal force is. You have no idea what you’re arguing.

1. Cops use force based upon resistance, not the seriousness of the crime
2. Pulling a gun while being pursued by cops is justified lethal force anywhere on the planet. Especially if that person had been using the gun to rob people (which goes to prove intent – they’ve already been using it )
3. Cops don’t shoot to kill. They shoot to stop the action. They cannot shoot to kill legally
4. This is no where near murder and the fact that you’re calling it such shows how little you know about this topic
5. Feelings are not facts.

Sorry, but you two are arguing your ignorance.

Lmao okay sorry that we have sympathy for a goddam child and his family, but you’re right we should just shut up because we’re young and stupid and the justice system, which has already murdered hundreds of innocent people of color, obviously knows best 🙂

It’s not that i don’t have sympathy. I very much do. I feel for that family and even the boy who got caught up in some stupid things and his decisions cost him his young life.

Im telling you that you’re WRONG. That in the overwhelming majority of cases people saying that the cops were wrong to shoot are WRONG. They say this and things like this “already murdered hundreds of innocent people of color” are demonstrably, factually WRONG.

You can be sympathetic and not accuse officers acting correctly within the law and lethal force jurisprudence (which is the same in all western countries for the most part) of being criminals. Of being murderers

The fact you say HUNDREDS demonstrates quite clearly your merely making an argument from emotion. It’s not remotely true and you couldn’t possibly support that statement

If you want people outside your echo chamber to take you seriously you have to start actually discussing facts. Because no one cares a bit about your feelings. Outrage is not an argument. And your demographic must start doing better. The common thread that runs through a lot of our discourse these days seems to be the assumption that reality is optional. And it’s bullshit

These are just a few articles discussing the number of black deaths caused by police officers, there’s dozens more but I really don’t have time to sort through them all to argue with some idiot on the internet. In 2015 alone, 102 unarmed black people were killed by police; considering that’s just from one year, I think it’s correct to say that over the years hundreds of innocent people have been killed. I’m so sick of people like you refusing to acknowledge actual data, instead choosing to blindly support an institution merely because you personally don’t feel the negative effects of it. You cannot be sympathetic to Tyree King’s family if you believe that his death, and the deaths of other black children, was warranted.

I suggest you keep an open mind, and instead of telling people that they’re wrong, while providing no actual evidence to support your own argument, you should probably use your internet access to actually look into these shootings and assess the numbers. I personally used to denounce the Black Lives Matter movement, I used to think that all the people shot by cops must have done something to deserve it, but I changed when I opened my eyes to the facts and realized that since before the founding of this country people of color have been the victims of institutionalized racism that has been perpetuated by whites. That is a fact that has been ignored for centuries, and people are finally saying they’ve had enough and are actively protesting the treatment of PoCs in America. People like you that are in denial of this treatment, or simply refuse to see it, are the ones who need to look at the unbiased facts.

The fact that you even commented on this post about a murdered 13 year old claiming that you know more than everyone else and your opinion is correct without providing a shred of evidence is honestly just embarrassing. How about next time instead of attacking other peoples’ opinions because of their emotions you actually take the time to have an intelligent discussion using evidence to support your argument. You’d think that a crusty old white dude would know how to present a solid case by now, but whateva  

This is where you need to educate yourself. “Armed” is not an essential element of deadly force. At all. Ever. Anywhere on the planet

That force which is LIKELY to cause death OR serious bodily injury. That’s lethal force. Me slamming your head into the ground? Lethal force? Kicking you while your on the ground with a shod foot? Lethal force. A person hitting a cop to where they are about to lose consciousness? Lethal force. Trying to take a cop’s gun away from him? Lethal force


That is all the evidence that is needed, hoss. I would suggest you know the standard you’re saying wasn’t met before you say it wasn’t met. That’s an essential first step in making a coherent argument. You can’t say something is not justified if you don’t know what justified looks like.

See I don’t need to keep an open mind. This is literally what I do for a living. It’s like telling a lawyer to keep an open mind when someone entirely ignorant of the law wants to argue it with them.

And exactly zero of the articles you linked actually did what was necessary – show uses of force that were bad. I can think of less than half a dozen shootings that were unjustified. Showing how many shootings happened tells us nothing about whether they were justified or not. No use of force can be compared to any other, only against the standard

Which I’ve no given you and now you know. Apply any use of force to that and see if it’s lethal. Take emotion out of it. Emotion doesn’t belong in justifications. Make it a math problem – was that force offered lethal or not?

In this case it very much was. So no, not murdered. No matter how strongly your feels are.

Lmao okay so you literally said you’re choosing to remain close-minded, have a nice life doing that buddy. Also you’re still not providing any actual evidence yourself so? You can still shut the fuck up. This is exhausting me.

No. I said I don’t need to keep and open mind. Not on this. Because I have legal expertise (court recognized expert in use of force), education, training and experience in this arena and you do not. THIS IS WHAT I DO. I don’t need to keep an open mind to people who peddle feelings and outrage as if that makes them facts

And I gave you every bit of evidence – what the standard is and then you apply what the kid did against it. Was his actions consistent with meeting the lethal force standard? And yes, they very much were. This is not remotely controversy except with people who are 1. looking to excuse his actions or 2. Ignorant.

I’ll also not be shutting the fuck up until you asshats make an actual argument. If you want to say lethal force standards aren’t good, great. We can have that discussion. Or that a specific incident didn’t meet them? Also worthy of discussion. But you must know what the standard is first, which you and your cohorts don’t. Your feelings literally don’t matter, nor do mine. Only facts matter. And you have none.

When people think they’ve defeated Skypig

I have seen lots of videos and post of white people pulling guns on cops or even going as far as using a car and driving away while cop is standing by car door and they don’t shoot. Just the other day I saw a video with a white woman saying “I’m looking in my bag for a gun so I can shoot you” and the cop laughed. Now when blacks do it they get shot on sight. By all means though, ya’ll can correct me if I’m wrong

You can’t compare what any cop did to what any other cop did or didn’t do. You can only compare their actions to the standard – did the facts of the incident support justified lethal force or didnt they? What some officer did or didn’t do is irrelevant

This is also true. If the BB gun was pulled and there was no orange tip then it is indeed justified in my opinion

As BB guns are actual guns (if very weak) they don’t have orange tips

Wait really? I always thought BB guns had orange tips as to distingush that it was a toy gun just like airsoft guns

No only toy guns

Welp I was always under the impression that BB guns were toy guns. The more you know

6mm (.24 cal) pellet pistols usually have an orange tip. Though some CO2 variants don’t. Plastic, metal, and paintball rounds exist for these.

.177 cal (4.5mm) pistols rarely have orange tips.

Either one can be called a BB gun, (though 4.5mm slugs do exist) neither one is a toy.

In fact, I’ve had to check 6mm pistols through TSA before. You don’t need to do all of the paperwork, but you do need the same hardcase and security release on the other end.



6 Things Films Get Wrong About Swords (An Inside Look)

In fantasy novels and action movies, we like to see weapons at work but we don’t particularly care how they were created, sort of like sausage. We want to see our protagonist double-wielding pistols while shooting holes in the faces of their enemies, but we certainly don’t need a whole montage on who handcrafted those guns. Yet for some reason, swords are different.

There’s a special place in our hearts for knowing exactly where and how each blade was forged before the hero pokes someone with it. Some swords have even more elaborate origin stories than the characters who wield them. All the stranger then, that no one writing our favorite books and movies ever bothered to google how these weapons are really made.

Chris Farrell, a bladesmith for 13 years and owner of Fearghal Blades in Austin was kind enough to sit down with the peeps at Cracked in what was likely the closest we will ever get to actual journalism and explain why everything films and novels have taught us about making swords is complete bullshit.

Source: Copyright © 2016 Cracked


Aaron Ehasz wrote up this process of what you should strive for when creating great characters and what’s only gravy. It certainly covers characters like Tony Soprano and Walter White, as well as characters he’s written like Prince Zuko, Toph, Azula, etc. Your character doesn’t have to be likable. Right now, “Breaking Bad” is the…

A Quick Guide to Great Characters was originally published on






Today feels like a six-shooter special.

I gotta get a better .357 Mag, I got a taurus and it is shit.

Is it? I almost got one instead of the Ruger but I really wanted to stick to the six shot and they only had the 7 round compensated Taurus Tracker.

yea I got the Tracker. I don’t really like it. it always fails to fire on at least 1 chamber.

Why revos? What’s the attraction?

Well, a Colt Single Action Army in .357 is a real joy to shoot on the range.

Not practical, but for sport shooting, long barrel revolvers can be very nice. Also, no sore thumbs from packing mags.



“Tyger, Tyger
Burning bright,
In the forests
Of the night,
What immortal hand or eye
Could frame thy fearful symmetry?”

-William Blake

WATCHMEN #5 (Jan. 1987)
Art by Dave Gibbons & John Higgins
Words by Alan Moore

Something really interesting about that specific issue: every page mirrors one on the opposite end of the book. The first is a reflection of the last, the second mirrors the penultimate page, and so on.

Fearful symmetry indeed.

Watchmen is sheer genius in the subtle details.




So… this is what remains of our car. Which is to say we got ridiculously lucky. I don’t have any pictures of the other driver’s vehicle. Though according to the police blotter, the other driver was arrested for DUI on the scene. Which is information we already had, but now we have official confirmation.

Our apologies for being out of contact for a week. We’ve spent most of it dealing with insurance, and trying to secure a replacement vehicle. Insurance finally, officially, totaled the car on Friday.

Barring events beyond our control, regular posting should resume on Wednesday.


How fast was the other driver going?

We were going 45, he was going… substantially faster. Being drunk, he stepped on the gas instead of the brake and revved up speed before he hit us. Then, we were pushed for a while before he finally spun out. He went over the small concrete divider and ended up in the right hand turn lane on the side for oncoming traffic. We were really lucky that Starke managed to get us off the road without also spinning out, that the other driver hit us directly from behind rather than the corner of the car, and that it was 4am so no one else was on the road yet.

That said, the front side passenger door wouldn’t open from the inside after the crash. We’re both still experiencing muscle aches and pains. It’s been a long week.

Hopefully, everything will work out.


So… this is what remains of our car. Which is to say we got ridiculously lucky. I don’t have any pictures of the other driver’s vehicle. Though according to the police blotter, the other driver was arrested for DUI on the scene. Which is information we already had, but now we have official confirmation.

Our apologies for being out of contact for a week. We’ve spent most of it dealing with insurance, and trying to secure a replacement vehicle. Insurance finally, officially, totaled the car on Friday.

Barring events beyond our control, regular posting should resume on Wednesday.