Very informative, thank you. I’m going to bug you again. This you may be able to just direct me to other posts. I use a phone, so it’s hard to navigate Tumblr. Do you have anything else on open hand techniques, more details to understand it better?

I’m going to eventually one day put up my article on open hand strikes, in the meantime I’m going to direct you to Wikipedia’s list of strikes:

Many styles use open hand strikes, they are preferable to closed fists strikes because the risk of using them is lower. However, a knife hand is called a knife hand because the hand acts as a blade and simulates cutting as opposed to hitting. It’s like the difference between choosing a knife or brass knuckles to attack with, they both do different things but both are effective.

Every attack generates force and momentum, by making the point of impact smaller the force can be projected further into the body allowing for more surgical strikes. For example, when a knife hand “chops” the back of the neck it severs the spinal column like a blade through meat. The force it generates is on the line of the hand, as opposed to a punch which is more likely to absorb and spread the point of impact. Now, it’s not 100% because it takes more finesse and a greater understanding of what the technique does as opposed to a punch. It’s more difficult, but there’s also less chance of breaking the bones in your hand.

It’s a trade off.