We’re not Dead, Just Busy

I apologize for the lack of recent updates. Michi is still very busy with her current work schedule. Due to the pandemic, her department is critically understaffed, so that’s chewing up a lot of her time.

My situation is a little different. Michi and I have talked about converting some of the old posts into e-books. Right now, on my other monitor I’ve got a 390 page monstrosity that covers our posts from 2013, and I’ve been editing it to get it ready for publication. I don’t have an exact time frame yet, but I’ll keep you guys up to date.

The current state is, I’ve got clean text from (nearly) every post in 2013 (this works out to ~250 different articles and answers), and I’m currently going through annotating the posts fixing spelling errors.

That page count will come down because some of the remaining posts aren’t particularly suitable, and there are a few posts that probably couldn’t be republished for copyright reasons.

Still on our to do list, we need to rework the Patreon reward tiers. It’s no secret that, outside of Discord, we’ve been had issues getting those filled on a regular basis.

Like I said, I’ll keep you guys up to date as this moves forward. We’re not neglecting you, we haven’t dropped off the face of the earth. We have been extraordinarily busy and stressed lately.

There is more to talk about, but I need to get back to working on the book.


This blog is supported through Patreon. As I said, there’s going to be some significant changes coming to our Patreon in the near future. Some of that will be informed by feedback we get. Now, more than ever, this helps keep us online. If you’re already a Patron, you have our deepest thanks.

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