wetmattos said: Yup yup, I do indeed :3 I’m almost asking for ya to keep on it, it’s really, really interesting <3

Don’t worry about it, I love martial history and looking at all the different inventive ways different societies came up with to deal with their problems. And the more you look at different cultures and their history, the more we see that people are, well, people. Clever and inventive people finding solutions to deal with problems.

This is why I always suggest researching history, philosophy, and culture beyond just looking at one single thing. When you see the whole picture, you can break that picture back down into it’s smaller pieces.

If you’re really interested in the sociological development of societies, particularly Europe’s, I recommend reading Germs, Guns, and Steel by Jared Diamond. It’s a really good and informative book that attempts to examine Europe’s evolution to the world stage by looking at sociology and anthropology instead of assuming they’re just “better” than other cultures. If any of you want to write a fantasy or historical novels that are based on Europe, I really recommend it.

It’s dense but it’s good.


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