What would an inexperienced fight with no weapons (just their fists) be like? Especially when they’re trying to kill each other.


I mean, it’s still only going to run around 29 seconds but it can reach up to a minute or longer depending on how bad they are at it. Believe it or not, humans are not naturally good at combat. Our one natural defense is that we taste really fucking bad. It’s the copper in our blood. Punching is a learned skill.

What any inexperienced fighter will do when fighting is use techniques that they’ve seen elsewhere or use ones that they’ve used before and know work. This usually amounts to wildly swinging at each other until one falls over, the other pounces, and pounds their head into the dirt/pavement until they pass out/die.

Wild swinging, stumbling into each other, hair grabbing, whatever they think will work, until they both fall down. They may roll around on the ground for a while, but whoever landed on top is probably going to be the winner.

However, with inexperienced fighters, they may not be able to tell if the other person is actually dead or not.


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