Will pressing a fully automatic weapon, like an assault rifle, against a person disable it like it will a semi-automatic pistol? Or is that a semi-automatic pistol peculiarity?

No. It doesn’t affect any firearm with a fixed barrel. So that includes revolvers, most rifles, shotguns, and even a few automatic handguns (like the Luger P08 Mauser C98, or Desert Eagle). There are some longarms with moving barrels, (the Russian AN94 comes to mind), but they’re more of an oddity. I don’t know if any of those can fire with the barrel out of position, but I’d be willing to guess, “probably.”

The same basic mechanical limitation applies to most autoloaders that fire from a closed bolt, if there’s an air gap between the back of the cartridge and the firing pin, the weapon can’t be fired. You need to be able to connect the firing pin to the cartridge. On most handguns, you can prevent that by pressing against the barrel, which opens the slide, disabling the pistol. On almost all rifles, that will not open the bolt, so it won’t disable the weapon. I’m sure there are variant disarms against rifles that involve opening the bolt (or obstructing it on weapons that fire from an open bolt,) but I’m not familiar with them, and they would be substantially more involved than just applying pressure against the barrel.


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